Besides being known for its milk with a high content of fat and protein, which is favorable for processing into cheese and related dairy, Murciano goats are a native Spanish breed characterized by lower height and weight, and consequently less feeding needs.​

  • Officially recognized breed by the Spanish ministry of agriculture

  • 820 liters/adult goat/lactation (year)

  • Pedigree issued by a registered breeders association

  • Smaller, more adaptable and eats less than Alpine or Saanen Goat

  • Avg. female adult height 70 cm, avg. female adult weight. 50 kg.

  • 5-7% milk fat (compared to 3-4% Alpine and 2-3% Saanen) suitable for cheese and yoghurt

  • Resilient to harsh Spanish climate (great temperature variation over the year and lack of green pastures).